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To book a session, please reach out to me via email. 

In your email, kindly provide details about your project and your preferred dates and times for the session.

For  packages prices and quotes, email me at

Once we have finalized a date and time, we will schedule a pre-shoot consultation call to discuss your preferences and requirements in more detail.

Before the session, you will receive a Form Release document that needs to be signed. This form ensures that we are both in agreement regarding the terms of the session.

To secure the date and time, a non-refundable fee of AU$50 will be invoiced. This amount will later be deducted from your final invoice after the photoshoot.

If you require any additional photos to be retouched beyond the selected package, each extra photo will incur a fee , which will be added to the invoice.

Please note that this does not apply to food, product, residential & commercial spaces photography packages, as they have set prices.


Regarding videos, I am in the process of adding video services to my offerings. If you have specific video requirements, please provide the details in your email, and I will assess how I can assist you with your project.

I am available to help you as a photo editor for your digital images, as a photographer for your project, or as a photographic assistant. Please email me for a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Personal Branding Package 

How long the session takes?

Depending on the preference of location outdoor, indoor, type of photo you will choose for your session. We will discuss it all before the photoshoot.

How long do photo shoots take to deliver?

A link will be sent within 1 week after the photoshoot with all images in JPG high resolution to be selected. Professional retouching can take up 2 weeks from the time they are selected.

How many photos edited/retouched images would I received?

Personal Branding package is included 10 high resolution jpg digital Images fully retouched and all not retouched high resolution jpg images taken on the session. If you would like any additional photo edited in your selected package a fee per image will be added to your invoice.

Are you available for onsite photo shoot?

Yes. It is possible to do the shoot at your preference place however a fee of AU$50 will be charged for travel fee in case the location its outside of Northern Beaches area.

What if I required a hair & make-up artist?

We can arrange for hair and make-up artist for your headshot with additional fee.

You are also welcome to arrange a hair and make-up artist yourself.              

Hair and make-up usually take 60 minutes to be done.

 Can you shoot video content as part of my branding campaign?

I am planning to start video soon. Send me the details of your video requirements and I can check how to assist with your project.

personal branding photography

Corporate Headshot 

Ideal for businesses seeking to update their employees' online profile photos. If you require photography for multiple individuals, kindly reach out  to receive a personalized quote.

Package options for your photo shoot:

  1. Intro Package: 

    • Includes 1 outfit and 1 background setup

    • 15 minutes shooting time

    • 15 high-resolution JPG images for you to choose from

    • 1 digital high-resolution JPG image fully retouched

  2. Basic Package: 

    • Includes 2 outfits and 2 background setups

    • 30-40 minutes shooting time

    • 30 high-resolution JPG images for you to choose from

    • 2 digital high-resolution JPG images fully retouched

  3. Pro Package: 

    • Includes 3 outfits and 3 background setups

    • 1 hour shooting time

    • 60 high-resolution JPG images for you to choose from

    • 3 digital high-resolution JPG images fully retouched


Headshot Session exclusively designed for actors and actresses. Star Package includes the following:

  • A personalized 1-1.5-hour photo shoot.

  • 2-3 outfit changes to capture various looks.

  • Versatile settings with 1-3 background and outdoor shooting options.

  • 60 high-resolution JPG images to help you choose your final shots.

  • 4  digital high resolution JPG  images professional fully retouched 

If you require any additional photos to be retouched beyond the selected package, each extra photo will incur a fee per photo, which will be added to the invoice.

You will receive a link to access all the high-resolution JPG images within a week following the photoshoot. Once you have the access, you can either personally choose the desired images or alternatively, I can make the selection for you. After the selection of the images it may require a period of 1-2 weeks for images be delivered. 

What attire and items should I prepare for the photoshoot?

Ensure you get a restful night's sleep before the shoot and hydrate yourself by drinking an ample amount of water. Avoid clothing with logos, horizontal stripes, or intricate patterns. Opt for darker-colored clothes that contrast well with your skin tone. Consider bringing jackets or formal suits. It's always a good idea to have an extra outfit as a backup plan. If you're an actor or actress, feel free to bring accessories such as hats that complement your style.

The decision to wear makeup is a personal choice. For men, I wouldn't recommend wearing makeup. It's important to have a fresh and hydrated look. For women, a more natural approach is preferred. If you have even skin tone, I suggest avoiding heavy foundation and powder. In the event that you require a hair and makeup artist: We can make arrangements for a professional hair and makeup artist for your headshot session, with an additional fee.  Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange your own hair and makeup artist. Typically, hair and makeup sessions take around 60 minutes to complete.

Actor photography

Dating Website Package 

This package is specifically tailored for individuals seeking an online dating presence and includes the following features:

  • A collection of 30 not retouched high-resolution JPG images to choose from as your final selection.

  • 5 digital high resolution jpg images fully retouched to bring out your best features.

  • Prior to the photo session, we will discuss and determine the most suitable outfits and locations for capturing your natural and professional essence.

For any additional photos requiring retouching beyond the chosen package, an extra fee per photo will be added to the invoice.

With our Dating Website Package, you can showcase your authentic self and attract potential matches with captivating photos that make a lasting impression.

personal branding photography
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